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fit for purpose or bust

Things used to be so simple. Now your application doesn't just compete nationally, it's globally accessible. The dynamics of software creation are democratised, software is everywhere. Today, design and implementation choices can make or break a product, service or tool. Data is great, but only when you know what the questions are in the first place. Your user testing leads rather than observes.

It doesn't need to be difficult though; less is more, don't just ask how something can be done, but why it should be done. Who does it impact? What is the most important things for the business, the customer, and for society as a whole. Surfacing these dynamics is all in interest in good design, targeted development and innovative product development.

The landscape is changing faster than ever, but the basics are still the same, fight for the user, above all else.

Let's get started.



Yoobee school of design, short course tutor

January 2015 - Present

This position has given me the opportunity to run a three day introduction to game development in Unity for school aged children; well received, we will be doing a larger scale version, working with models from Maya, from a course in the days prior. I also tutor a rural Canterbury based artist, covering topics such as Squarespace and Photoshop.

enatel ltd, front end engineer

February 2016 - August 2017

Joining Enatel was an interesting challenge, taking over a large scale Angular 1.6 project, I worked with the other software developers and members of management to prioritize, design and implement screens for hardware control systems. The unique challenges of working with an embedded device, and with a small company provided a large amount of freedom in choosing how to tackle problems. 

My most proud achievement would be that of specifying a front end layout language for a C++ controlled LCD. My recommendation that we use a SVG like markup to reduce reinvention of the wheel helped reduce reliance for specification, and allowed quick specification and implementation.

Trimble navigation ltd, multimedia developer

January 2013 - February 2016

"Transforming the Way the World Works" A company slogan and a way of working, in this fast paced position, I was tasked with balancing requirements for several projects at a time. I enjoyed balancing and growing my design and development skills for projects in technology from presentations in Adobe Flash, to trade-show applications built in Unity and icons made in software from 3DS Max to Illustrator and Photoshop, to experimental tools I created using front end development tools.

I was the main designer and developer for a warehousing app, product overview page and worked with Colorado based designers to develop the complex and fantastic Time to Do More advertising campaign site. Other projects include an update to document management system, icon system exploration and the OmniSTAR website.

University of Canterbury Computer Science faculty, UI/UX Designer Developer

Summer January 2012

This was a three-quarter time role, providing UI designs, branding, mockups and frontend style guides. The software we were working on, UCanAsk was made for gaining insight and feedback in real time during a lecture. This role was balanced while working full time at Dick Smith, and was an interesting introduction into software development using an agile methodology, built on a Spring Framework Java backend



HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / Angular

C# / Unity / Blender / MagicaVoxel

Low-High Fidelity Mockups / Prototyping 

Trello / RealtimeBoard / UXPin / Google Apps



This Stuart is certified 100% organic. Has never worked for Microsoft or in fine furniture. Is mostly biodegradable and is from a sustainable source.
Think twice before recycling your Stuart as he may not enjoy the process. May the force be with you.


University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Graduated December 2012









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